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Saxo, in partnership with Sharefinder International, is introducing the latest addition to their range of world class trading platforms.
Trade from your iPhone, Android or iPad* and experience speed, precision and reliability.

RCIS Mobile Trader

Saxo Mobile Trading

The new Saxo MobileTrader lets you execute trades on their world class platform –where ever you are – whenever you want. Manage your positions and connect to real-time market data and charting from your phone.

Saxo offers cutting edge mobile trading technology

  • Place and change orders fast and easily with new spot trade ticket
  • Access news and analysis
  • Switch seamlessly between trades, orders and options from one unified ticket
  • Touch-screen optimised trading
  • Charting available

Trade multiple assets from our mobile

  • 160+ FX-crosses
  • 14,000 stocks from 23 exchanges
  • FX options
  • 7000+ CFDs

Please remember to request our Sharefinder International startup template when you signup with Saxo. The template sets up the Saxo platform with a host of default settings that we here at Sharefinder International find useful. This will only be provided to you once you have an Sharefinder International account and have signed up for the saxo platform. A customer service rep can assist you in setting up the platform.

* Requires iPhone with iOS 4.0 or Android 2.3 and higher. Compatible with iPad.
† Once you have signed up with Saxo, send us an email requesting your free book, our support staff will confirm your shipping details and post the book to you once all that is done.