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*NB: To sign up to the monthly Prospects Newsletter, create an account and login to the ClientPortal and add it to your subscriptions from the My Subscriptions tab, or send us an email at support@rcis.co.za

In continuous production since 1987, the Prospects monthly newsletter is Richard Cluver’s regular assessment of  the likely outlook for the markets with the JSE as the primary focus within a global investment scenario. It features a concisely-written analysis of current events and their likely consequence upon the markets in the short and long term. It is backed by detailed statistical printouts from the ShareFinder 6 programme listing groups of ten shares which, in respect of investors who seek either long term dividend or capital growth, and similarly those who either seek superior growth at the price of some risk or those who seek shares which offer secure growth with the least possible risk. It also provides lists of unit trusts in terms of their price performance over the past ten years.

With the expanded access that the new ShareFinder 6 programme is providing to all the world’s top investment markets, we intend expanding the Prospects coverage to a global investment stage.

One of the most popular recent additions to the newsletter, since January 2011 the Prospects monthly newsletter has also contained the “Blue Chip Growth Portfolio:” This is a dynamic exercise followed closely by the majority of our readers who regularly contact us to express their delight in its performance. Within this portfolio we, each month, analyse the continued performance of the portfolio and provide details of proposed additions to or subtractions from the ten-share portfolio. If any share in the portfolio is deemed to be underperforming in terms of compound average annual growth we provide an approximate selling price and a predicted selling date. Similarly, if we have money to invest into the portfolio either from profit-taking or accumulated dividends, we list one or two potential acquisitions, detailing both our target price and likely buying date. When, in each respect, our target prices are attained, these shares are deemed to have been sold or bought in to the portfolio at, in the case of selling, the highest price attained during the month or, in the case of buying, the lowest price attained during the month. Readers who follow the portfolio closely are thus able to easily replicate the transactions themselves at very similar prices.

In the first 30 months of its existence, the Prospects Portfolio achieved a compound annual average price growth rate of 41 percent. With dividends included the Total Return of the portfolio was 48.5 percent at the 30-month mark. So far as we have been able to determine, the portfolio was the world’s best performer in 2012.

Given the South African Government’s plethora of taxes that it levies upon share market traders, short-term trading is no longer profitable in the long term and we no longer recommend that our share selections be used for this purpose. It is, however worthy of note that in the eight years starting in September 1990 that we monitored these selections with trading in mind, we were able to demonstrate a verifiable 137% per year compound average growth rate in an average period of 21 weeks for its top monthly blue chip share selections. Only four of the 94 top monthly selections tracked during that period proved to be loss-makers. 

The Prospects investment newsletter is believed to be South Africa’s largest private circulation newsletter of its type, concentrating particularly on the blue chip share market, golds and gilts. It is published 11 times a year.

Richard Cluver Predicts

Subscribers to the Prospects Newsletter also receive a weekly column entitled Richard Cluver Predicts which every Friday when Richard Cluver is “in town”provides commentaries on the investment and economic scene. In addition, Richard makes eight weekly predictions regarding the likely direction of eight leading markets. The accuracy of predictions is scored the following week which allows us to note that of the past 480 sets of eight predictions ( that is an actual 3840 market predictions) 82.04 percent have been correct. Furthermore, noting that the predictions are solely based upon the ShareFinder 6 market projections which employ a sophisticated form of artificial intelligence which has the unique ability to learn from any errors it makes and thus become increasingly accurate over time, the Predictions accuracy rate has improved significantly over time. Thus over the 12 months ended October 30 2013, the accuracy rate had climbed to 89.26 percent.

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