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The Investor October 2017

Onward and upwardBy Richard CluverOn Wall Street, the world’s longest-running share bull market continues its unabated climb which, notwithstanding our own Zuma-led economic malaise, has lifted our own share market out of a two-year-long decline to take it to its highest-ever level.So where to now? My graph composite below tracks the two markets since the […]

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The Investor September 2017

A bright future lies ahead  by Richard Cluver There is, wherever I go in South Africa today, a sense of deep gloom born out of extreme frustration which has left so many of us feeling impotent and confused about what we should be doing to ensure our future well-being.It is the understandable result of a perceived collapse of […]

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 Could this be a Game Changer for the world?  by Richard Cluver In the July issue I wrote of the dramatic issues that face your and my grandchildren, the Post Millennials of whom it is believed that half of the children born since 1994 will live to the age of 150 which in turn implies that on […]

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The Investor July 2017

  Imagine if you were going to live to the age of 150! Its real for children born since 1995 by Richard CluverAs a young boy I spent much of my time travelling with my doctor father doing his rounds through the empty wilderness that was Zululand in the late 1940s and so you can imagine my shock […]

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