How to Make a Million

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Table of Contents

1 Preface

5 Chapter One

The Greatest Secret of Wealth: Thrift, the pocket money habit,motivation, the power of compound interest, and a practical plan to make you a million before you are 40.

11 Chapter Two

How to beat the twin enemies of inflation and taxation.

17 Chapter Three

Understanding how the financial institutions work … and how to turn this to your practical advantage.

21 Chapter Four

Goal-setting and how to develop an investment strategy that coincides with it.

27 Chapter Five

Knowing where you are going is half the battle, but how are you going to get there?

29 Chapter Six

Designing a practical budget, learning how to use it and, more important, how to live with it.

37 Chapter Seven

Now it’s time to go back to the start and practically re-design your goals.

43 Chapter Eight

Making interest rates work for you.

45 Chapter Nine

Shopping around the banks and building societies.

50 Chapter Ten

Now you have a capital sum to invest. It is time to consider your investment options.

61 Chapter Eleven

Time to assess you own attitude to risk and to take a look at offshore investments.

65 Chapter Twelve

Unit trusts are the first stepping stone. Choosing the right fund and learning how to correctly time your buying and selling decisions.

94 Chapter Thirteen

Cash investments, fixed interest investments, gilts, the securities market, and gilt options.

113 Chapter Fourteen

All about insurance and assurance, policy duration, creating tax shelters, annuities, and how to measure assurance company performance.

151 Chapter Fifteen

All about property investment, buying a house, whether to buy or to renovate, the best way to payoff a bond, commercial property, syndication’s.

177 Chapter Sixteen

The stock market, shares, all about stockbrokers, what does it cost, placing an order, types of deals, types of securities, the market cycle, how to identify a true blue chip, when cheap is expensive, how to pick the winners.

209 Chapter Seventeen

Putting it all together: a summary and a guide to investment philosophy.

211 Chapter Eighteen

A comprehensive range of books, computer programmes and investment services you can call upon.

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