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The Investor March 2020

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By Richard Cluver                      March 2020Market Meltdown’s Velocity Bruises Investors: a view from Wall StreetBy Amrith Ramkumar of The Wall Street JournalMarkets have never unravelled as quickly as they did in the past month. Stocks are falling faster than they did during the financial crisis, the […]

The Investor February 2020

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By Richard Cluver                February 2020 Few investors are able to read the big picture because they believe it is too complicated for ordinary folk to understand. But it really is not if you can learn to look behind the clutter of detail. Thus, for example, few understand why […]

The Investor January 2020

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Time to face realityBy Richard Cluver                           January 2020A quarter of a century of ANC misrule has seen a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary South Africans who pay three times as much as their US counterparts for a home loan, have seen the […]

The Crash of 2020

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Nobody can with any certainty predict when the next big share market crash will come. But it is certain that it will come and with an unerring accuracy rate of better than 85 percent over the past 17 years of observation, the artificial intelligence algorithms in my ShareFinder software predict that the next Johannesburg Stock Exchange crash will begin on October 7 2020. Hong Kong will follow on October 13, London on the 14th and, as the contagion spreads, Wall Street is likely to follow in June 2021.

The Investor December 2019

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May we at RCIS and ShareFinder International wish all our readers everything they would wish themselves over the festive season. Please note our offices will be closed on Monday December 23 and will re-open on Thursday January 2Rating the Unit TrustsBy Richard Cluver   December 2019Choosing a unit trust that meets individual needs can be […]

The Investor November 2019

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By Richard Cluver    November 2019The great majority of the world’s population is a lot less well off than you think and until you can come to terms with that fact you will never be able to adjust to your own position in the pecking order of wealth. I have dealt with this a few […]

The Investor October 2019

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By Richard Cluver October 20191987 was an important year in my life. I married that year, notched up my first million, saw the value of my share portfolio decimated by the share market crash and launched the first version of the ShareFinder computer programme.As assistant editor of The Daily News in Durban I considered myself […]

The Investor September 2019

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By Richard Cluver September 2019 No matter what your current income is nor what assets you own, the chances are that you have never felt truly wealthy nor have you ever enjoyed a comfortable surplus of income over monthly expenditure. I have put this question to so many folk I know who demonstrably enjoy a […]