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Kate middleton v amy children’s <br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code><code style=”display: none;”> </code>Amy childs wore the same dress overseas in the states.But who was simply hot and who has been not?<br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code>Kate middleton and amy childs wore likewise <a href=”http://www.evileve.co.uk” title=”Pandora UK Sale”>Pandora UK Sale</a> dress recently, so it only right they go on each other in this week hot or not? (Pic:Getty/xposure)Very warm <br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code>Kate middleton helped zara sell a serious amount of stock recently, after she was snapped wearing the spanish clothing line grayscale nude lace dress at gary <a href=”http://www.evileve.co.uk/pandora-bracelets-necklaces.html” title=”Cheap Pandora Bracelets UK”>Cheap Pandora Bracelets UK</a> barlow royal albert hall concert on tuesday evening.<br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code>The sunshine cream coloured dress is laced with tulips all over and kate matched it with a sultry black belt, passing on an classy and mature look, while her black ralph lauren jacket kept the cold away and keep the look.<br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code>The towie star arrived in are generally this week to film segments for her reality tv show.It was reported that childs adored the dress on kate and i thought i’d emulate the style.<br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code>Interchanging the ralph lauren jacket with a 1, 600 chanel bag and being dressed in ysl tribute pumps, amy didn look half bad in the gown.With regards to some of her other fits, she looks a tad more classy here.<br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code>The reason why amy a is because being a celebrity and wearing the same dress only one week after another high profile individual wore it, is a styles mishap.<br /><br /><code style=”display: none;”> </code><code style=”display: none;”> </code>

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