SF Market-beating desktop , web and mobile software that analyses your personal risk profile, tailors a share portfolio to your individual needs, links you to a brokerage to buy and sell and, finally, maintains a watch over your portfolio to recommend periodic changes . It has an 82% historical accuracy rate. This is the tool to help you find the path to financial independence

Email Service

For the busy professional. Without having to do anything , you get a daily/weekly information service listing short-term share trading opportunities and long-term investment opportunities: with automated reportings by the ShareFinder analysis engine , delivered to your inbox. No software to buy and no analysis to do. Just follow the reccomendations.


A monthly investment newsletter concentrating on the blue chip share market, with share recommendations. Back issues are available.


Saxo Trading Platform

RCIS has developed software to help you pick which shares to buy and sell. Now , get the ability to actually execute that advice with the Saxo trading platform. RICS has partnered with Saxo and made it easy to buy and sell shares online - through your computer , tablet , iPad , smartphone and many other devices.

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The Investor July 2017

  Imagine if you were going to live to the age of 150! Its real for children born since 1995 by Richard CluverAs a young boy I spent much of my time travelling with my doctor father doing his rounds through the empty wilderness that was Zululand in the late 1940s and so you can imagine my shock […]

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2 The Investor March 2017

 Financial security means never again having to worry by Richard CluverFinancial security means never again having to worry about how you are going to pay the household bills at the end of the month and never again having to worry about the financial implications of a family crisis. It also offers you the freedom to […]

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2 The Investor February 2017

 Watch out for market turbulence aheadImagine a world without politicians: its coming!by Richard CluverAt home and abroad the world is re-shaping itself into something the scholars have barely prepared us for. We stand at the start of the post industrial age; a new era set to redefine how we think about everything from economics to […]

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The Investor January 2017

Time to re-think the way we run our monetary systemby Richard CluverWe humans are an odd lot who compartmentalise our lives into blocks of years and then measure each one as if they can be put away in a drawer and forgotten while we take out a shiny new one that is full of promise. […]

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